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Are you wondering what it’s like to raise ducks, but worry about the commitment? We have a solution!

We will supply you with two just-hatched ducklings and enough food and bedding to get you started. All you need is a safe place for them and lots of love to give!


You raise the ducklings for as long as you'd like, or until September 4th 2023, whatever comes first. At that point, you can decide to keep them as forever pets (at no additional charge) or return them to the farm.

We are currently booking for hatches on Fridays from April 28th, 2023 through to June 30th, 2023 (+July 14th and July 28th). Spots are limited each hatch, and we require 4 weeks notice for booking in most circumstances.


If you'd like to participate, all we need is your phone number and a $20 e-transfer deposit towards the fee (total of $120). Contact us on social, or click the "contact" icon to get started!

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